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ABWC Foundations of Dog Training

Learn the foundational behaviors that will help your dog learn and learn how to teach your dog!

  • Animal Behavior Wellness Center - Richmond

Service Description

This class is the backbone of all training going forward. There will be some review of concepts and skills from Puppy Class, but no worries, we will be leveling up! All Seventh Heaven Training Classes include the following: * You will have access to an online folder where you can upload video or download video, your handbook and bonus training protocols will be loaded onto your site. * You can ask questions in a chat with me and your training team. * You will have access to videos to go along with most of the lessons. * At our first session you will be provided a printed handbook, clickers for your family and a foot target. This is a five session package. Each class is 1 hour long. Virtual Webinar: * We will start out with a virtual session where we will go over the basics of theory and the positive reinforcement training process. We will explore methods and tools. We will talk about Management Plans and the evolving use of space in your home, the types of training sessions, how to plan and execute a training session, class rules and your training toolkit. Session 1: Clicking and Calming * Magic Mat, Dog Body Language, Thresholds, Holding Treats and Treat Tossing, Attention, Look, now Watch!, Treat/ Retreat, Clicker Mechanics and Capturing Calm & The Name Game, The Stop Signal, Jazz Up, Settle Down. Session 2: Luring, Calisthenics, and the Foot Target * Clicker Management and the art of Luring, Sit from Stand Stage 1: Sit in front of you on a verbal cue only, Down from Sit, Luring onto a foot target, Impulse control: Leave It!, teaching tricks, Spin! Session 3: Attention and Adding the Leash * Learning Loops, Conquering Fears and getting attention, What is That?, Hand Targeting, Touch Tag, Clicker Management, adding the leash, Capturing attention when outdoors, Pattern Games, 1,2,3 Cookie! Session 4: Stay, Avoiding Stress & Graduation * Foot Target and time to Bungee!, Taking the stress out of a tight leash, Beginning Defensive Leash Handling, Emergency U-Turns, Pushing Buttons, Long Line Recall 101, Review of Skills, Q&A and Graduation! You are ready for Basic Manners! See you there!

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To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 hours before your training session is scheduled to start.

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  • 1130 Wilkinson Road, Richmond, VA, USA


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