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NOVA Private Puppy Training Class

Whether you are planning for your new arrival or she is already home!

  • 1 h
  • Reston Training Center|Northern Virginia Client’s Home

Service Description

Our Private Puppy/Welcome Home Class helps you get prepared for your new furry family member! You can schedule your first visit either before or after you bring your pup home. Starting from the premise that our goal is for your dog to have freedom and agency, we will discuss setting limits while your dog is getting used to her new home, keeping a close eye on her, and starting as you want to have things go. This is a five session package. Each session is 45 minutes long. * Our first session which can take place either before or after you bring your pup home we will build a Management Plan. This plan will include things like potty training, using a house leash, creating zones in your home where your dog can expect play, quiet time, etc. and more. * If you have a puppy, we will start the potty training process and I will give you plenty of information and tips based on your setup and availability. * You will learn about body language, safe socialization, introducing new objects, sounds, and people without flooding your pup. * We will work together on integrating your pup with other animals in the home. * You will also learn about the value of nap schedules and letting your pup learn to be alone periodically throughout the day so that you don't end up with a clingy or anxious pup when you leave the house or need to work. * We will work on some beginning training behaviors and go through the outline of training a behavior. Mostly we will work on impulse control and stopping problem behaviors before they become an issue like nipping, jumping and problem leash behaviors. * There will be fun activities and training games for kids included in every session if there are children in the home or you have children over on a regular basis. Since this is a private class, we will customize the later sessions to work on issues that are important to you, we will get to work on behaviors in your home environment, and with the people in your home. You can choose to add some puppy play classes for socialization. These are a fun chance for the pups to get together and learn to play! These will be outdoor classes where we will add fun experiences like the pool, tunnel, and more!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 hours before your training session is scheduled to start.

Contact Details

  • 2621 Steeplechase Dr, Reston, VA, USA


  • Northern Virginia, VA, USA-Client’s Home


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