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Why I Love Training

My name is Jenny Stevens, I am the Owner and Lead Trainer of Seventh Heaven Dog Training Services are available in Northern VA and the Richmond, VA area based in Glen Allen, VA. 

I am a certified Dog Trainer (CCDT) accredited through CATCH! Canine Training Academy, have worked with and mentored under Jennifer Pennington of Lead with Fun, and mentored with the Animal Behavior Wellness Center. I am currently completing my Aggression in Dogs Master Class Certification while I await taking my boards, 

I  believe in using humane and Positive Reinforcement Dog Training methods. My goal is teach you to solve problems and teach your dog exciting new skills even after you are done working with me.

  • Dog Training Services available in Northern VA include:

    • In Home Dog Training

    • On-Site Dog Training at our Reston or Great Falls Training Centers.

    • Small group classes at our Great Falls Training Center including Puppy Socialization. 

  • We work with the following issues:

    • Puppy Training

    • Foundations and Basic Manners Training

    • Intermediate Manners

    • Behavior issues such as:

      • On and Off Leash Reactivity

      • Fear and Anxiety

      • Loose Leash Walking

      • Barking

      • Jumping

      •  Housetraining Issues

      • Some Aggression cases: if severe can refer you to a specialist

      • Social Deficit issues: not able to play appropriately with other dogs.

  • We pull from a variety of techniques to meet your dog's needs.

  • Seventh Heaven will be with you all the way on your training journey and we love to incorporate the whole family in the process, making your learning journey fun and rewarding!

  • You will be part of an online Training Community that you can lean on for support and advice outside or regular sessions. Session Training Plans, Behavior Training Plans, Videos and helpful links will be available and tailored to you and your dog's needs.

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